Our Software is a Game Changer.

With endless stock options and complex variables, the amount of work involved in creating reliable, detailed property investment analysis is overwhelming. It’s no wonder so many investment advisors make recommendations based on best-guesses, or worse, glossy advertising.

When you subscribe to our new PIERS platform, all the hard work is done for you. PIERS uses trusted data from real stock to generate detailed property investment analysis and cash flow reports in an instant. Your advice will be grounded in facts, not emotions.

Key Features

Property Suburb Research Reports

Property Investment Cash Flow Analysis

Investment Property Search Engine

CRM and Process Management

Property Suburb Research Reports


Property Search Report

Create 17-page reports

Days on market

Medium house price

Stock on market

Recent sales

Vacancy rates


Branded reports - White label

Property Investment Cash Flow Analysis

Professionally designed

Pre-populated fields

Weekly cash flow

Estimated capital growth

Tax deductions & depreciation

Return on investment

Gross and net yield

Expenses estimate


Enjoy these amazing benefits

Mortgage Optimiser

Show you clients how to pay off their home sooner by getting a better home loan and an investment property.

Property Investment Advice

Make you clients wealthier and your business more profitable with simple to use tools.

Postcode Research Reports

Search areas to see the local trends and whether your clients are looking in the right areas.


Property Investment Comparison

Compare investment properties head-to-head to make better informed decision.


Put your brand on professional custom clients reports.

Customised Client reports

Impress your clients with multiple detailed reports, such as property cashflow, suburb property portfolio and mortgage reduction.